Coaching Services

The Centre for Coaching Education offers individual and group coaching.  Each coaching relationship is co-created so that it meets the needs and expectations of the client.  This synergy produces a dynamic and trusting relationship that enhances and supports the work and outcomes chosen by the client.  Use coaching to discover who you are and what you value.  Consciously create your life and work to be an authentic representation of you!

Additionally, we provide mentoring and supervision for coaches desiring to meet credentialing requirements, as well as those dedicated to continuous professional development. These services are delivered by coaches that are ICF credentialed and have years of experience doing this kind of work, including assessing for credentialing.

To get the most from your coaching:

  • Think big! Ask yourself what aspects of your life you really want to develop…Identify possibilities that excite and energize you!
  • View your coaching conversations as a journey into discovery and transformation. Consider the possibilities of creating the life you want!
  • Be committed to exploring options and making the necessary changes to create the outcomes you desire
  • Be dedicated to self-reflection
  • Be passionate about what you desire
  • View your work with a coach as an investment in yourself that continuously pays dividends

To learn more about coaching go to ‘Coaching FAQs‘ and ‘Tips for Hiring a Coach‘.

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