Methodologies and Dynamics of Group Coaching

Group Coaching can be a powerful path for delivering coaching, as well as a way to enhance and build your coaching business. For those who have some previous coaching educataion, this course will provide an in-depth exploration of group dynamics, and the coaching tools you can use, which can make the group coaching a rich, empowering experience for all members. Participants will learn what factors to consider when forming groups, the dynamics of groups as they develop, as well as the coaching skills which enhance each stage of a group’s development. Much focus will be given to teaching participants the skills unique to Group Coaching such as: managing a group, creating group cohesion, and guiding a group toward desired outcomes. Topics pertaining to the beginning, middle, and end of groups and each coaching meeting will be explored.

Some additional topics covered will include:

  • The distinctions between group coaching, team coaching, and group psychotherapy
  • The need for establishing boundaries and how to do it
  • Managing troublesome scenarios or group members
  • Avoiding common pitfalls

Participants will also review the ways in which the ICF Core Competencies are incorporated into each coaching meeting. Previously recorded group demonstrations will augment the in-class learning.

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