ICF Mid-West Conference 2015

The ICF Midwest Conference will be held in Kansas City, MO from Thursday, June 18 through Saturday, June 20, 2015. The theme of this Conference “Getting to the Heart of the Matter” will provide a “deep exploration of coaching.”

In the category of “Beyond Skin Deep,” Lynn Meinke will be presenting on “When History Gets in the Way: Understanding and Managing Difficult Moments in Coaching. What happens when a client’s history smacks you in the face…You are reeling, perhaps, and wondering how to manage the situation…or…what happens when your history emerges, clouds your thinking and starts to contaminate the coaching? This presentation will “Go Beyond Skin Deep” to understand what is happening and provide skills and tools for managing both kinds of situations. These are not superficial situations. They call for us to go beneath the surface to truly understand and manage these difficult moments. These situations, which happen more frequently than you can imagine, will challenge each of us to dig deep, be brave, be calm and be professional! “

Registration is now open.  Receive $100 discount if you register before April 15!  To register go to icf-midwest.com/

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