Overview of Courses

“Where the discerning advanced coach comes for continuing professional development.”

The Centre for Coaching Education offers courses that will broaden and deepen your coaching knowledge and skills. We offer you the opportunity to mix and match courses according to your desires and coaching objectives.

We also offer a broad array of coaching courses to fit your particular coaching passion. Many coaches have discovered that, after completing their basic coaching education, they want to develop a coaching niche. Knowing what is unique about an area of specialization and developing appropriate questions and language will enhance your ability to more fully communicate with and understand your client. Furthermore, our courses will enhance your understanding of how the ICF Core Competencies interface with your area of focus. If you are interested in a specialty area that is not listed, please contact us so that we can consider developing and offering a course in that area.

Additionally, we provide mentoring and supervision for coaches desiring to meet credentialing requirements, as well as those dedicated to continuous professional development. These services are delivered by coaches that are ICF credentialed and have years of experience doing this kind of work, including assessing for credentialing.

Our courses are designed for experienced coaches, who desire:

  • Advanced coaching education rather than students seeking introductory coaching courses.
  • In-depth courses that enrich and expand their established coaching skills.
  • To explore coaching topics outside the traditional basic coaching curriculum
  • Courses designed for rigorous and stimulating dialogue
  • To more fully understand and communicate with your clients
  • Courses that integrate the ICF Core Competencies with the material being learned
  • To increase their coaching confidence and competence
  • To have their thinking challenged so they can become more adaptable and creative coaches
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